I have been trained as an architect as well as a landscape architect and studied ceramics for over 10 years in Stroud and Bristol. My work draws on my background using the disciplines of architectural rationality and control, I use design processes as a tool and apply the all-encompassing principles of natural settings to make my pieces essential and elegant elements of the environment they inhabit.

My hand-built pieces reflect the aesthetic properties of raw materials such as concrete, brick, stone and steel. They capture the essence of these through their texture and colour and use reflected light to enhance their strength and solidity.

The gallery page on this site looks at ceramics in different contexts.

The brick page on this site is dedicated to my passion about bricks that includes glazing them and making them into the objets d’art.

Ceramic pieces in the shop are grouped into large, medium and small and are for sale.

All the pieces on the site are one-offs. Go to the contact page if you want something for a specific setting or have a specific requirement. Thank you.